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The Gallatin City-County Health Department (GCCHD), the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been investigating an unthinkable and tragic foodborne illness related to morel mushrooms that were served at our restaurant between the end of March and mid April 2023.

Above all else, our hearts go out to the loved ones of the two people who passed away and to all who have been impacted, no matter the circumstances. 

The manner and cause of death for these two people are pending until autopsy and toxicology results are completed; however, the focus of the GCCHD, the DPHHS, the CDC and the FDA have been on the morel mushrooms that we purchased from a reputable California distributor.

We realize there is a lot of misinformation and rumors about what happened, as well as questions about our recent health inspection reports. We’ve created this information page to answer as many questions as possible during this ongoing investigation. 

Current Published Information Sources: 

FDA: “Investigation of Illnesses: Morel Mushrooms (May 2023)” 

Gallatin City-County Health Department: “Final Summary of the Foodborne Outbreak Linked to Morel Mushrooms"

Video Links:

* Missy O'Malley asks your hard questions - an interview with Dave's SushI

* Past and Present owners reflect on what's occurred

Morel Mushrooms

Why do you think the morel mushrooms are what got people sick?
Did some people who ate the morels get sick and some people not?
Are morel mushrooms safe to eat?
How come there have been no other reported issues with the morels?
There have been a lot of rumors about the morel mushrooms. Where are they from? How did you get them?

Health Inspections / Health Department

Did the health department force you to close?
Tell me about the health inspections. You’ve had 6+ since mid April. Why have there been repeat violations?
Do you have a leaking waste water pipe in your basement?
I heard that fish was being stored above 41 degrees. Is that true?
Why did the Gallatin City-County Health Department (GCCHD) allow you to reopen?

Dave's Sushi Closure & Reopening

Did the health department force you to close?
Did you pay your staff while you were closed?
Why did the Gallatin City-County Health Department (GCCHD) allow you to reopen?
Why did you feel confident in re-opening?

Changes Made

What changes have you made since mid April?
What kind of extensive training has your staff completed?

Other Questions

Have the deaths of the two people who passed away been directly attributed to Dave’s Sushi?
Was it the fish that made people sick?
I don’t see my question. What should I do?